Top 5 Posts Of The Month – January 2014

Top 5 Posts Of The Month Worth Reading

I decided to do a monthly roundup of the top 5 posts that I have read for the month. I read every SEO article, thread and post I can find online until I literally fall asleep about 4 times a week.

About 95% of the articles online about internet marketing and SEO are all the same information rehashed over and over again. So I can easily speed read through content looking for gems of information.

That is my goal with these posts is to bring you the top 5 posts that have great info, SEO strategies and thought provoking content that is worth the read.

1. A Thread by Gorang on BHW about using 301 redirects to rank websites.

What caught my eye about this post is the introduction, he talks about how he picked up on the “authority SEO marketers” who have profiles that have been around for years but never really post much. He then started to follow several of these people and read every single post that they made over the years, realizing that they always give only bits and pieces of valuable information. The rest is to find out for yourself and Gorang did just that.

2. Another Thread by Geniusenterprise that puts a spin on Gorangs 301 redirect strategy.

Geniusenterprise, analyzed hundreds of serps to find out what is exactly working right now for ranking. He came to a very similar conclusion that Gorang had but puts an interesting spin on the strategy. (Both of these strategies are setup and in a testing phase, I will have the posts when I analyze the results).

3. A Video on Ranking Local Sites by Alex Becker from Source Wave

Alex Becker made a great video that explains how to rank local sites and then resale the leads/rent the site out to potential businesses in the same field.

4. A Private Blog Network strategy by Lewis Ogden at Cloud Income

Lewis provides great information and a step by step guide to creating your own blog network. It was very interesting to see how like-minded we are in our strategies, only a few things are different in the way we set up our PBNs.

5. A Post About How Google Monitors Gmail For Target Words To Fight Web Spam by Charles FloateĀ  at God of SEO

It is scary that this can happen, Charles tested to see what would happen if he used “black hat, spammy linkbuilding” keywords in a gmail conversation about a legit website with no linkbuilding done on it.

Guess what happened, that squeaky clean website actually dropped rankings within a week and I think Charles noted that it was doing well in the serps for a year or so before that.

Time to uninstall Chrome, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and stop using Gmail people!

Check back next month for my roundup of great posts, if you want to read what I think was the best post on my blog this month check out my post about Interviews with 12 SEO Bloggers

** Update

I had to include this great guest post written by Clark Russel on Matthew Woodwards blog.

He talks about how marketers use dopamine in a capitalist society to always motivate people to want and think they need something. I constantly wonder about this myself, does technology and the constant drive to make more money really improve the quality of life? I mean, I love my computer, tv, iPad, smart phone etc. but if I lived in the 1500′s I would have had just as much love for my sword, fishing, farming hunting wild animals for food etc.

We all spend hours on social media and texting but is this invention better than actually staying in personal contact with your relationships? I would also like to point out how easily manipulated we are with the mindset of, “oh if I just had this new smart phone/any gadget then my life will be great” when you acquire that new phone to realize your life didn’t change that much.

It is hard to really find what is most important in life, obviously family and having a good social life is important but what are the real factors driving people to get up and go to work everyday?