About SEO Experiments by Andrew Guida

In the wake after the summer of “SEO hell” as Matt Cutts put it, I saw a significant decline in search engine rankings for my websites and my clients. For the past 3 years I had websites ranking for keywords that brought SEO, Website Design, and Social Media Marketing leads to me that were an easy sell. Business owners who needed a good SEO company would simply search for SEO companies in my area Orange County, CA and find my website within the top 5 positions. After a phone call a website analysis and quick proposal I had a new $500-$1,500 per month client. It was an easy sell because I didn’t do any cold calling or “in your face” marketing. The client searched on Google and found my website, which I should be able to rank for because that is what I do. The instant credibility was an integral part of my marketing plan for generating leads and new clients. That was until my websites and clients websites, got demolished after Penguin 2.1 on Oct 4th 2013.


The Collapse

I thought my SEO strategy was sound and my marketing plan wasn’t as easily broken as it is. I had avoided the 2011 Panda, 2012 Penguin, and 2013 Penguin 2.0 penalties. I didn’t understand how easily my business could crumble due to one modification to an algorithm that I didn’t control. Needless to say, I was in a panic. I spent 10-12 hour days reading forum posts on blackhatworld.com, warriorforum.com and searchenginejournal.com trying to figure out if there was a quick fix or way to solve the issue. What I realized is that most forum posts and articles that you read from authority sites are just the same junk published over and over again. Most of the forum threads are people announcing how their websites went down and random suggestions as to why it happened. There was never any facts, never any results or websites that I could analyze to find some sort of linking pattern that I desperately needed. There is good information on those sites but when you need real solid strategies in SEO, it is hard to come by.

The Idea

After discussing potential new linking strategies with my associates and friends in the SEO industry we realized that major changes had to happen. I now know that the old methods of ranking websites with purchased linkbuilding services, automated software, and focusing on anchor text diversity isn’t a long term plan. Old websites that used to rank had to be put aside and fresh new websites with a clean linking profile needed to be created. As you could imagine most of my clients didn’t like that strategy and cancelled their campaigns. I needed to find a way to do SEO that was for the long term, sustainable and really provided results for my clients. After exchanging multiple emails back and forth with a great internet marketer, Matthew Woodward http://www.matthewwoodward.co.uk he really told me what I needed to hear. I mad bad business decisions.

My whole business was based around a company that I couldn’t control and continually comes up with ways to stop people from doing SEO. Everything from the lead generation marketing to the service provided. Matt explained to me that there is a bigger picture to internet marketing than just SEO. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Press Releases and engaging people on forums are all several ways of generating traffic from a holistic approach.

From that an Idea was born

I set out with this blog to accomplish two major objectives.

1. Engage the internet marketing community with useful content via Youtube, social media, PR and forums. No backlinks will be created to the website and I will not focus on rankings

2. Create an awesome website that takes a fun approach to SEO with documented experiments. I will be setting up test websites from scratch and then documenting with screenshots and recorded videos of the methods used to rank/burn the sites.

This website will be a great way of displaying the results for popular SEO techniques and isolating what methods work/don’t work.


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- Andrew Guida, SEO Experimenter