Best SEO Tools

Best SEO Tools

These are the tools that I have been using to rank websites for years. Some of them are paid for and available for free by creating an account.

This page will be updated with new recommendations and products that I find useful/not useful.

Some of the links are affiliate links, please utilize the link to help me pay the electricity bill :)

Linkbuilding Software

SeNuke XCR – ($149 per month) I have been using SEnuke for over a year now and it does have its benefits but I feel like it is a dying product. The price tag alone makes it hard for some to purchase and on top of that you really only see a benefit if you know how to add your own custom site list. This tool is very powerful for creating a lot of links fast but after all of the Penguin updates I would only recommend using it for Tier 2 and 3 linkbuilding.

GSA Ser – ($99) GSA is a great product because of the one time payment and ease of use. GSA is not as powerful or robust as SEnuke but it is a great alternative for those looking to save money and still get a decent amount of links. Again, I would only recommend using GSA for Tier 2 and Tier 3 links.

Scrapebox – ($97) Scrapebox is also another useful product with a one time payment. However, there is a bit of a learning curve with this tool. Finding footprints to look for websites as well as purchasing and setting up proxies make it a bit difficult to start seeing benefits of this tool quickly. Once you wrap your head around how to use the tool for finding websites, scraping content etc. it can be really powerful and save you a lot of time.

Word AI Spinner – ($49 per month) Word AI Turing is the most powerful spinner I have seen. There are two plans, normal spinner at $19 per month which is comparable to the best spinner but the Turing spinner $39 per month is where this tool really shines. The spun content is readable, has different variations of word counts, different sizes of paragraphs and tells you how unique the spun article is.

Setting Up A Website Network – Godaddy makes it very easy to register a domain, change the name servers for hosting or setup a WordPress website. Be sure to click the link to save on your order! – Namecheap is a great way to diversify your domain registrar and they provide a year free of Who Is protection. Who Is protection hides your registrar information from search engines and anyone wanting to look up that information. This can save you a ton of money if you are building a private blog network. – Another domain registrar that you can use to purchase expired domains.

Hostgator – Hostgator is one of the most popular website hosting companies. They guarantee a 99% uptime and have very helpful customer service. I have been using host gator as my number 1 hosting provider since I started internet marketing. They make setting up websites easy with their cPanel and I have called their customer service for Website Design questions a few times (which they searched and found solutions for).

Backlink Profile Checker

Open Site Explorer – Moz’s OSE is one of the best backlink checkers because it provides metrics for the quality of links based on Domain Authority and Page Authority. The free account lets you analyze your top links, see what anchor text is being used and what DA/PA those links have. The one downfall to OSE is that it seems very conservative on the amount of backlinks that is indexes.

Majestic SEO – Majestic SEO is similar to OSE but has Citation Flow and Trust Flow as their metrics to analyze the quality of websites. CT & TF are a great way of see if a websites backlinks are from “natural” sources. Majestic SEO also provides a nice graph of your link velocity as well as a pie chart of your anchor text.

Ahrefs – Ahrefs is a great tool for looking at link velocity and your anchor text distribution. It also seems to be the most liberal on finding every backlink known to man. The variations in backlinks from ahrefs and OSE can be literally thousands sometimes.

Google Webmaster Tools – Believe it or not GWT still provides about half of the links your website has. This tool can be used for other things as well such as finding out if a website had any previous manual spam actions taken against it or if your website is being blocked by a robot.txt file.

Captcha Solving

Death By Captcha – (Starts at $7) Death by Captcha is very simple to sign up, order a package and integrate with your favorite linkbuilding software. They also show stats on how many Captcha’s had been solved correctly compared to uncorrectly. Another great feature that DBC does is the rewards program. If you are a heavy linkbuilder and purchase a lot of Captcha’s then you can easily get free Captcha’s solved with their rewards program.

Captcha Sniper – ($97) Captcha Sniper is an ok tool if you are using GSA. I had it crash a lot with SEnuke and it even blocked the IP from Death by Captcha. However, if you are not using a Captcha solving service and want an automated way of solving captcha’s with a high failure rate you can utilize this tool.

Social Signals

Synnd – (Starts at $97 per month) Synnd is a good way to get a lot of social shares quickly for your websites. It is expensive with campaigns starting at $97 per month up to $2,500.

Fiverr – ($5) The cheap way of generating a lot of social shares, likes, +1′s and Yes fake followers from Indonesia! If you don’t care where you social signals are coming from then Fiverr is the place to get 1,000′s of shares almost instantly. I wouldn’t recommend this for money/client sites but there are other things I use Fiverr for such as creating Press Release content, Youtube Videos and Manual Blog Commenting.

Link My Fan – Link My Fan’s Right Now service is another free way to promote your Press Releases, websites and announcements that will get seen and shared on Google +, Twitter and Facebook by real visitors.

Press Releases

PRWeb Get 25% Off
– PRweb is the most powerful online press release distributor there is. Currently, PRweb releases can show up very quickly in the search results if it gets picked up by news distribution sites like huffington post, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times etc. and if you create solid backlinks to the release as well. The releases can be expensive starting at a mid price range of $249 but if you use my affiliate link you can receive 25% off your order.

Email Marketing

Aweber – ($19 per month) Aweber is one of the easiest ways to start list building. You here it all the time in internet marketing forums and SEO conventions “I wish I started my list building sooner.” With Aweber it makes email marketing easy by helping you step by step create a list, build your form and upload it to a website.

Content Creation

Natasha Nixon – ($5 per 400 word article) Natasha has been writing articles for me for 3 years now and always delivers. The content is researched and then formulated into an SEO optimized article or if you be specific you can have the article created for websites. Little modifications and edits will be needed if you want these for your websites but it is a great head start to a post.

Rank Checking Software – ($99 per month) When Raven SEO Tools dropped their ranking and reporting software earlier this year I panicked because my clients loved their PDF reports with charts on their SEO rankings going up (or declining). I checked out about 6-7 keyword ranking software and MySEOTool was the winner. Easily create a new campaign, add your website and keywords and then setup automated reporting and your clients will never ask you for a report again. You can also integrate Google Analytics into the PDF reports.

Rank Checker Ace – (Free account) Rank Checker Ace is probably the best free rank checking software. The websites rankings are not presented nicely but its free!